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Why Invest in baby milestone photographs?

When Should I Book my baby's milestone photography sessions?

Photographers generally recommend these sessions at the key milestones of a baby’s life, specifically as a newborn (within the first 2 weeks of life), then at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and at their first birthday.

Why do we suggest these timelines as ideas for milestone shoots? Because your child will be reaching new landmarks in their development around these ages, so they will be the perfect time to photograph those experiences. Life moves fast for all of us, but most of all for newborns, so it’s important to capture fleeting moments in time before they’re gone. Below we’ll describe each milestone and how you can tell when it’s time to schedule your session.

Baby milestone portrait sessions are an amazing way to commemorate your baby by freezing fleeting moments in time so that they can be cherished and remembered. Gone in the blink of an eye, these times in your baby’s life are beautiful but gone all too quickly.

Our specialty is capturing the beauty, humor, smiles, and personality of little ones in pristine photos for art you can cherish for a lifetime. Due to all the changes in an infant’s first year of life, most families choose to have multiple milestone photo sessions. Babies grow and change at such a fast pace it can be hard for parents to keep up and remember all the details and experiences. Between chasing the little one around all day and waking up at night for feedings, it can be hard to remember the special details like their dimply cheeks or tiny toes.
That is why we at SteinArtStudio go to such great care when creating your portraits because we want to preserve every detail so that they can’t ever be forgotten.

By the third month of life, your baby will be smiling! New parents routinely tell us that their baby’s smile is one of their favorite parts of this time in their child’s life. And I couldn’t agree more! That is why during this session we will bring out and capture the joy and smiles of your little one. You don’t need to schedule this session at exactly 3 months of age though, as smiling tends to develop around the 2-3-month mark. So as soon as your baby is smiling with regularity, that’s the time to schedule your session!

3 Month Milestone Portrait Session

By six months, your baby will be showing off their new ability to sit up all by themselves! We want to commemorate this time because when they can sit up it opens up a new world-view, giving them the ability to see things they could not before. Not only can they see things they couldn’t before, but they get to play with new toys as well! Getting to interact with new toys and see the world around them is a great way to bring out that smile and sense of wonderment so I can capture it in awesome portraits.
To get the most out of this session, plan to schedule it when your baby can sit up for a few minutes without any help.

6 Month Milestone Portrait Session

Time to get up and moving! Around nine months is when your baby will be able to nearby objects to stand up, crawl, and maybe even take their first steps. While every child will develop these abilities at a slightly different time, nine months is roughly when these traits develop. That is why I recommend waiting until your child has the abilities you want to capture in a photo before scheduling a session, and not coming in on a firm timeline. This way you’ll get to capture your child’s new skills, whether that’s pulling themself to stand, crawling, or sitting and observing all that is around them.

9 Month Milestone Portrait Session

This session is to celebrate your little one’s big birthday. Did someone say cake smash?! If you’d like, we are able to include a cake smash as part of this milestone session. For many, it is their first time trying something sweet, which makes for quite the reaction and priceless photos. Unlike the other sessions, which can be scheduled based on development, the 12-month session is one where we want to schedule the session very near their actual birthday. That way we can capture and show how much your baby has grown and changed in just one short year. As a parent and someone who works with so many newborns, I can assure you that for the rest of your life you will cherish being able to look back at your baby as a one-year-old.

12 Month Milestone Portrait Session


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Newborn Photography
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Newborn portraits are best taken during the first two weeks of life, while the baby still enjoys being bundled up in blankets and wraps. Book your shoot during the second or third trimester of pregnancy to secure your session spot. We’ll pick the exact date and time after your little one arrives.

The Booking Process  


Before the shoot, you’ll fill out a pre-session questionnaire so we can learn about your style and color preferences. Then, we’ll custom-design 4 different photography sets for your newborn portraits. We’ll also send you several emails to help you prepare for the session and go over all your questions and concerns.

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Your newborn photography session includes full access to our props, backdrops, and client wardrobe. Bring your baby’s necessities, and we’ll take care of the rest! Be prepared to spend 2-4 in the studio, including breaks and feedings.

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2-4 weeks after the session, you’ll come back to the studio to view your carefully edited and retouched newborn portraits. We’ll guide you through our investment menu and help you choose your favorite images. You’ll also take a look at our product samples and we’ll personalize your luxury artwork for your home.

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"patient and

Kenneth S.

"Kristinka and Katelyn were so patient and caring...I highly recommend them!! They have so many options, backgrounds, and props to make your photo shoot memorable and beautiful."

"love the photo product options"

Candice E.

"They took the time to make sure every photo was perfect...We also love the photo product options they provided (the photo cubes were my favorite) which were carefully designed and high quality."

"we were a little

Karen D.

"We had photos of our baby done at 1 week and were a little nervous. However, so impressed with how beautiful the studio was, how clean everything was, and how considerate they were of both the baby and the parents comfort."

"they are baby whisperers"

Marissa H.

"This professional team truly are baby whisperers. They even taught me things about my own baby that I didn't even know. The talent in the work being performed at SteinArtStudio is

We recommend you book as soon as your second trimester. We are usually booked for months in advance so the earlier the better. However, we do have the occasional reschedule so give us a call for up to date availability. When you are still expecting, we will mark your due date as a floating date and once the baby is here, you shoot us a text or email, and we will go ahead and schedule out the date and time. 

The best age for a newborn session is between 4 and 14 days old to capture all the delicate details. This is when they are the sleepiest and most flexible so we are able to get them in all those adorable posses. However, we can capture all ages in a milestone session. 

NO! Our studio is fully equipped with everything we need to capture your little ones first memories and match your vision. We have hundredths of props for little couches, to bowls, beds, dream catchers, and so many little outfits, headbands, accessories. So unless there is something special you would like in the images like a blanket from grandma, or a special stuffed animal, you don't need to bring anything. 

Absolutely! Having a new baby is a special time and celebrating by taking an updated family portrait is the best way to preserve the memory. We usually take a variety of shots of mom and baby, dad and baby, all the siblings, and the family together. Just remember that a newborn session may take upwards of 4 hours so we recommend that dad takes the older siblings on a day out to the park or for lunch while we finish with baby. 

Yes we do! We work with the best make-up & hair stylist of Kristy's Artistry Design Team to provide a fully glam and pampered experience. For newborn sessions, this is an additional discounted fee of $99 (VALUE OF $300). You can visit their portfolio here: https://kristysartistry.com/ 

We are the only studio in Central Florida that offers this helpful opportunity. We understand that there are a lot of expenses that come with having a new baby, so we offer interest-free in-house payment plans for up to 6 months. 

At booking, we require a session fee to reserve the date which covers the 2-4 hour session in our studio, the use of props and the artistic editing of images. At the ordering appointment 2-4 weeks after the session, you get to see your portraits for the first time, choose your favorite ones and purchase a package based on that. As a luxury photography studio, our packages include high-end, museum-grade products, like albums, canvases, and acrylic canvases, as well as digital images. For specific pricing please give us a call or submit the form below. 

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