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Newborn Session INCLUDES

Custom personalizations

Custom wall art & album design

Props, outfits, gowns, & accessories

professional Fine art retouching

Private reveal & ordering appointment


Bean bags
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We make newborn photography easy and stress-free by providing everything you’ll need, from props and accessories to backdrops.

If you have something meaningful like a jersey or stuffed animal you can of course bring it and we will incorporate it into the portraits.

We are APNI certified and have completed extensive safety training as well as seminars on safety from renowned educators. During the photoshoot, our assistant Katelyn assists and closely observes your baby for any signs of agitation.

Further, poses where the little one rests their head on their heads, such as the popular “froggy” pose, is done through photoshop composites so they don’t have to support the weight of their head in their tiny arms.

After each portrait session all props, sets, and outfits are thoroughly washed, steamed, and UV sanitized, and we have enacted new safety protocols due to covid, such as scheduling only 1 client per day.

NEWBORN Safety IS A Priority

"patient and

Kenneth S.

"Kristinka and Katelyn were so patient and caring...I highly recommend them!! They have so many options, backgrounds, and props to make your photo shoot memorable and beautiful."

"love the photo product options"

Candice E.

"They took the time to make sure every photo was perfect...We also love the photo product options they provided (the photo cubes were my favorite) which were carefully designed and high quality."

"we were a little

Karen D.

"We had photos of our baby done at 1 week and were a little nervous. However, so impressed with how beautiful the studio was, how clean everything was, and how considerate they were of both the baby and the parents comfort."

"they are baby whisperers"

Marissa H.

"This professional team truly are baby whisperers. They even taught me things about my own baby that I didn't even know. The talent in the work being performed at SteinArtStudio is



Maternity photos are best if done around the 28 to 32 weeks mark, as this is when most mommas show a beautiful round belly but are also not too tired.  In order to best capture photos during this brief time frame, and because our sessions fill up quickly, it is best to schedule the shoot during the first or second trimester.

This way you can ensure we have a date secured and plenty of time to plan ahead in terms of location and style. 

Newborn portraits are best taken during the first two weeks of life, when babies most enjoy being bundled up in blankets and wraps.

Book your shoot during the second or third trimester of pregnancy to secure your session spot. We’ll pick the exact date and time after your little one arrives.

If you’ve just discovered us and your little one will arrive shortly or is already here give us a call and we’ll do all we can to accommodate and schedule a session.



During the booking process, you will fill out a questionnaire form letting us know your style, color preferences, and gown size. You can even upload reference images.

We will use requests to design 4 different set-ups, one of which can be used for family portraits. Do you want a stunning album or acrylic canvas for the home? We will discuss every detail and any concerns you have.

I’ll also send you several informative emails about what your family should wear, what to bring, and how to prep for your session. 

Before the shoot, you’ll fill out a pre-session questionnaire so we can learn about your style and color preferences.

Then, we’ll custom-design 4 different photography sets for your newborn portraits.

We’ll also send you several emails to help you prepare for the session and go over all your questions and concerns.

PLANNING & Customizing 


Your maternity session will be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Our professional hair and makeup artist will give you a much-deserved makeover according to your preferences.

After, we’ll go over gown and accessory options and choose the best fit for your style! Kristink and Katelyn will gently guide you through all the poses that will make you look and feel your best.

We know all the tricks to help you feel like a stunning Goddess the entire time. 

Your newborn photography session includes full access to our props, backdrops, and client wardrobe.

Bring your baby’s necessities, and we’ll take care of the rest! The session will be relaxed and unhurried.

Be prepared to spend 2-4 hours in the studio, including breaks and feedings. Further, snacks, drinks, and TV steaming services are provided.



We will take 1-2 weeks to carefully edit all the portraits and invite you back to the studio to see your beautiful images for the first time.

We will guide you through our investment menu and help you choose your favorite images. You will also take a look at our samples and pick and choose what products you will like to display in your home.

Each luxury product is custom designed to your style and to match your new gorgeous photographs.  

2-4 weeks after the session, you’ll come back to the studio to view your carefully edited and retouched newborn portraits.

We’ll guide you through our investment menu and help you choose your favorite images.

You’ll also take a look at our heirloom product menu and we’ll personalize your luxury artwork for your home.

AT The ORDERING Appointment 

AT The ORDERING Appointment 



Personalized PRODUCTS

Step into the spotlight of parenthood with our personalized newborn portrait sessions at SteinArtStudio.

Our expert team specializes in capturing the purity and tenderness of infancy, crafting each session to reflect your family's unique love and bond.

Let's TALK!

We understand you may have a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to the booking process, details, pricing, and, we are here to answer them!

Call/ Text 407-745-0004: MON-FRI 8:30-7:00
Or Shoot Us An Email: info@steinartstudio.com

Our studio is located in Orlando, FLORIDA

Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Book?


We recommend you book as soon as your second trimester. We are usually booked for months in advance so the earlier the better. However, we do have the occasional reschedule so give us a call for up to date availability. When you are still expecting, we will mark your due date as a floating date and once the baby is here, you shoot us a text or email, and we will go ahead and schedule out the date and time. 

The best age for a newborn session is between 4 and 14 days old to capture all the delicate details. This is when they are the sleepiest and most flexible so we are able to get them in all those adorable posses. However, we can capture all ages in a milestone session. 

Absolutely! Having a new baby is a special time and celebrating by taking an updated family portrait is the best way to preserve the memory. We usually take a variety of shots of mom and baby, dad and baby, all the siblings, and the family together. Just remember that a newborn session may take upwards of 4 hours so we recommend that dad takes the older siblings on a day out to the park or for lunch while we finish with baby. 

Yes we do! We work with the best make-up & hair stylist of Kristy's Artistry Design Team to provide a fully glam and pampered experience. For newborn sessions, this is an additional discounted fee of $180 (VALUE OF $300), weekdays only! You can visit their portfolio here

We are the only studio in Central Florida that offers this helpful opportunity. We understand that there are a lot of expenses that come with having a new baby, so we offer interest-free in-house payment plans for up to 6 months. 

At booking, we require a session fee to reserve the date which covers the 2-4 hour session in our studio, the use of props and the artistic editing of images. At the ordering appointment 2-4 weeks after the session, you get to see your portraits for the first time, choose your favorite ones and purchase a package based on that.

As a luxury photography studio, our packages include high-end, museum-grade products, like albums, canvases, and acrylic canvases, as well as digital images. For specific pricing please give us a call or submit the form below. 

Professional newborn photography pictures provide a truly once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture the precious first moments of your newborn’s life.

All the giggles on the daily:



If you are like most people, you may have searched Google for "newborn photography Orlando," "newborn photoshoot", or "newborn photographer near me". This will provide quite a long list of photographers in the Orlando Metro to choose from, so it can be tough knowing which is the best choice for you.  
When searching for the best place to have your newborn photoshoot, it's best to find a photographer that makes you feel at ease, takes your input and helps you decide on how to design your photoshoot, and creates a safe environment.
That is why we’ve listed our credentials, such as awards, experience, and trainings, on our About Us page, to help you with your decision.
In addition to the information on our site, you’ll want to look for 3rd-party reviews, like ones found on Google, or Facebook, as well as looking at social media like Instagram to get a feel for our work. This will give you a good feel for the office and whether or not it will be a good fit for you.

How to Find the Right Orlando Newborn Photoshoots Near me?

What makes us the premier newborn photography studio in Orlando is our dedication to our craft, and love for providing superior service to new parents. For our newborn photography sessions we create photos that celebrate the beauty of babies. Our newborn photoshoots are relaxed, light and fun, because we know how challenging this time can be for new parents. By helping our clients feel comfortable, our newborn photoshoots produce stunning portraits that draw the admiration of all who see them and provide memories for years to come.

Looking for the Best Orlando Newborn Photography Near me?

Newborn photography is truly a passion of ours, and we’ve been designing and creating luxury maternity photoshoots for years. We love newborn photoshoots because they capture the miracle of creating new life.

Why Do We Love Newborn Photography in Orlando?

Kristina is an experienced award-winning professional photographer serving the Orlando Metropolitan area and central Florida. All newborn photography Orlando sessions are artistically designed and photographed by head photographer Kristina Fainstein with assistance from Katelyn Fainstein in our newborn photography studio. The elegant custom-designed maternity photo studio was created with newborn photo sessions and new parent's comfort in mind. All newborn photoshoots include the use of our hand-selected props, gowns, and accessories.

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