Cake smash photo sessions are just as much fun for parents as they are for the baby, probably even more! You have survived that awesome yet exhausting first year full of late nights, adorable firsts, trials, laughs, and so many memories. These sessions provide an opportunity to capture your baby’s curiosity and personality at this amazing age.

Why Have a Cake Smash Session?

You aren’t limited to just cake! Some other options include donuts, pizza, fruit, really anything your baby would like to eat and play with to create cute and messy photos!
To add to the fun, we always end the session with a bubble bath to wash away all that sweet icing but also capture the giggles and splashes.

Can We Use Something Other
Than Cake? 

A smash cake is a tiny cake meant to be enjoyed & pulled apart by your baby on their first birthday. They’re generally best if kept small, about six inches. We partner with local bakers for ours, but any cake from Publix or your local bakery also works well. Your smash cake can of course be decorated with any themes or characters your child likes, but we suggest your baby's cake  be decorated with bright fun colors to make for photos that stand out.

What is a smash cake?

It's when a one-year-old gets very messy pulling apart and smashing a cake on their first birthday, and a skilled photographer is there to capture the whole process and fun results.

What is a cake smash photoshoot?

Baby Cake Smash
Photography in Orlando

We make cake smash photography easy and stress-free by providing everything you’ll need, from props and accessories to backdrops. If you have something meaningful like a jersey or stuffed animal you can of course bring it and we will incorporate it into the cake smash photoshoot.  When we first talk, we'll help you pick out a theme if you have on in mind, as well as design the shoot around your vision.

Cake Smash Props & Accessories

We have hundreds of outfits, headbands, and accessories to choose from and to help build a theme for your little one's cake smash photoshoot. But if you have a particular outfit you want to include, then you can definitely have it part of the shoot!

Cake Smash Session Outfits

Bean bags
Flokati Rugs



Our expansive set of props and accessories includes:

We've been creating cake smash photoshoots for years, so we know the best ways to pose your child so that they are the most comfortable while having fun and making incredibly memorable photos. We document the whole process, from their first bite of cake and them having fun pulling the cake apart, to the gentle washing to clean up afterwards.

Cake Smash Photography Poses

Custom Wall Art & Album Design

Ordering Appointment 

Fine Art Retouching 


Props, Outfits, Gowns, Accessories

WhAT'S INCLUDED IN YOUR Cake Smash Photoshoot?

Cake smash portraits don’t need to be taken on their actual first birthday but 3-6 weeks within that date is ideal. That way if you have the option of using portraits from the session for birthday invites, and you can celebrate on their actual birthday.

 Booking Your Orlando Cake Smash Session


Orlando Cake smash Photography
Session Experience

In order to craft a shoot that will not only look great but be fun for the birthday girl or boy we’ll have you fill out a questionnaire. This will let us know of any themes or ideas you have as well as any characters your little one is a fan of (anyone say Minnie or Mickey mouse?). We want to know about any inspiration you might have for the photo shoot so that we can select the perfect outfit, set, backdrop, props, and order the cake, to match your vision and capture this brief moment in time.

Planning Your Cake Smash


During the shoot, we’ll play with your baby to help them to relax and have the props, set and backdrop ready based on your style preferences. We’re experts in how to pose babies and bring out the best smiles and reactions, we don’t just take photos but capture everything you love about your baby at this age. Since everything is taken care the experience is stress-free and you can focus on having fun! Following the cake smash, we will move your messy kiddo into a tub of warm water for clean-up and more pictures. Plus, when the shoot is over we take care of the mess!

Day of the Cake Smash Photoshoot


2-4 weeks after the session, we’ll meet at the studio and you’ll get to view your artfully edited and retouched cake smash portraits. First, we’ll help you choose your favorite images, and then guide you through the products and investment pieces we offer. You’ll also take a look at our product samples and we’ll personalize all of your luxury artwork.

Ordering Your Cake Smash Portraits



"memorable and beautiful"

Kenneth S.

"Kristinka and Katelyn were so patient and caring...I highly recommend them!! They have so many options, backgrounds, and props to make your photo shoot memorable and beautiful."

"the photos are breathtaking"

Piper B.

"I would like to say thank you for the beautiful memories you gave our little family. I love your new studio and all of the wonderful options you provided for the shoot. Our daughter did not always cooperate.."

"our daughter did not always cooperate"

Joana S.

"We had photos of our baby done at 1 week and were a little nervous. However, so impressed with how beautiful the studio was, how clean everything was, and how considerate they were of both the baby and the parents comfort."

"it was just

Monika C.

"Beautiful photos, very creative and great team to work with. I love the set up for my One year old, it was just perfect, the smash cake, bath and the plane, all so cute. Love both photographers, Kristinka and Katelyn..."

We recommend you book two to three months before your baby actually turns one. We are usually booked for months in advanced so the earlier the better, especially if you would like to have the pictures for their birthday, to send invitations, etc. However, we do have the occasional reschedule so give us a call for up to date availability. 

The best age for a cake smash session is between 10 and 12 months old to capture all the giggles and fun details. This is when most babies have mastered sitting upright without support and have started eating a variety of foods. However, we can capture all ages in a milestone session. 

NO! Our studio is fully equipped with everything we need to capture your little ones first birthday memories and match your theme. We have hundredths of props for little couches, to bowls, beds, dream catchers, and so many little outfits, headbands, accessories. We will also purchase a cake smash cake from one of our partner bakers according to your theme. 

Absolutely! A baby's first birthday is a special time and celebrating by taking an updated family portrait is the best way to preserve the memory. We usually are able to capture a few sibling and family images. 

We are the only studio in Central Florida that offers this helpful opportunity. We understand that there are a lot of expenses that come with having a new baby, so we offer interest-free in-house payment plans for up to 6 months. 

At booking, we require a session fee to reserve the date which covers the 2-4 hour session in our studio, the use of props and the artistic editing of images. At the ordering appointment, 1-2 weeks after the session, you get to see your portraits for the first time, choose your favorite ones and purchase a package based on that. As a luxury photography studio, our packages include high-end museum-grade products, like albums, canvases, and acrylic canvases, as well as digital images. For specific pricing please give us a call or submit the form below. 

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