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having a new baby is a wonderful new journey worth capturing.

That's why we decided to create the perfect gift
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SteinArtstudio is sending you into the holiday season with $400 Off your Maternity, Newborn or Cake Smash session retainer. 

Maternity / newborn / cake smash Session

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Professional Goddess Makeover (Hair+Make-up!) from Kristy's Artistry Design Team

Posing Directions For Every Body Type

Designer Closet Of Over 90+ Gowns To Choose From (5-6 Outfit Looks!) 

Family Imaging

Phone Planning Appointment!

Unforgettable 3 hour in-studio Maternity Session with Katelyn & Kristina!

Customized Ordering Appointment 1-2 weeks after your session

*This offer valid only through NOVEMBER 2022

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Questionnaire design form and Planning Appointment!

4 different prop set-ups + beanbag with 1000's of props, outfits and accessories for baby

Family Imaging

Designer Closet Of Over 90+ Gowns To Choose for MOM

Unforgettable 4 hour in-studio Maternity Session with Katelyn & Kristina!

Customized Ordering Appointment 1-2 weeks after your session

Questionnaire design form and Planning Appointment!

2 different set-ups with theme of parent's choice

personalized cake by from our amazing baker 

1000's of props, outfits and accessories for baby

Family Imaging

Unforgettable 2 hour in-studio Maternity Session with Katelyn & Kristina!

Customized Ordering Appointment 1-2 weeks after your session

 book your session online! >>

 book your session online! >>

Photographs and heirloom products

Photographs and products are purchased separately at the reveal ordering appointment, 1-2 weeks after your session. 

Our portrait shooting style is a flow of classic yet elegant poses that beautifully link together in an album to tell a story: Our Acrylic Cover Handbound Album is our top seller. In addition, we offer a variety of printed products such as the acrylic triplex, folio box, and wall art - all custom designed to match your home decor and style.  

Collections Begin at $500, and most people spend $3-4k. We have payment plans available. 

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Past Goddess Momma Testimonials!

"Oh and I have to mention that the maternity gowns they offer are so beautiful and super comfy! A super plus plus was the glam session they offer to mommas before the session. Definitely a great way to help us expecting mommas relax and get pampered."

"I didn’t feel rushed at all and they took their time to get each perfect shot, we got great photos."

" I’m plus sized (16, XXL) and they had a GREAT selection for me, it was SUPER inclusive. I’m very camera shy and they posed me for every picture while hyping me up the entire time showering me in compliments so I could feel more confident."

 "From the hair and makeup process, to the fitting session, and finally the photo shoot—they have truly thought out every detail to keep you at the center of the experience."

 "I sent some untraditional ideas to Katelyn, and she had outfits and poses prepared that better suited my personality and style than current maternity trends. They both made me feel so good about my posing, which doesn't come natural,..."

"I overly loved my experience and images, and I just know I had to book them for my son newborn photos."

WHat is a portrait session with steinartstudio  Photography? 

Having a photo session is an experience like no other, it's a way to press the pause button and freeze these beautiful memories so you can cherish them forever. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be difficult and we go through so much, however, a maternity session is here to remind you how beautiful, amazing, and miraculous you are, a newborn session celebrates the birth of your new bundle of joy while capturing all their little details, and a cake smash is a way to celebrate your babies first official birthday while showcasing their fun showing personality. 

All the giggles on the daily:



Much like life itself, pregnancy can comes with its fair share of ups and downs. One minute, you’re bursting with excitement, and the next minute, driven to tears watching a puppy video on YouTube. With your pregnancy hormones raging, energy levels bobbing up and down and a baby on the way, life really suddenly feels quite different. The interesting thing is that this process is entirely normal. Albeit, your new normal. All the more reason to embrace and appreciate your baby bump, and importantly, celebrate it. One of the best ways to celebrate and relive this journey is through the lens of a fine art baby bump photographer.  Kristina has been a professional pregnancy photographer for over a Decade, and serves Orlando through her custom pregnancy photography studio. You deserve to be celebrated, and hiring a photographer for a professional baby bump photoshoot is the best way to celebrate yourself.

Your Search for the Best Baby Bump Photoshoot in Orlando is Over

If you are looking for the premier pregnancy photoshoot studio "near me", then you have come to the right place. You are able to create new life from a single cell, and that deserves to be celebrated! Pregnancy is truly an amazing and glorious time in a woman’s life. It is a point in time where a woman is at her most vulnerable, yet displays extraordinary physical and mental strength. 

Pregnancy Photoshoots Near Me

Pregnancy photography has become wildly popular. Usually, it’s done in the latter stages of the pregnancy for maximum visual effect. Pregnancy photoshoot sessions often include the spouse and other children, making them part of a family portrait session that captures a unique time in the life of a growing family.

Pregnancy Photography in Orlando

If you are like most people, you may have searched Google for "maternity photography Orlando," "maternity photoshoot", or "maternity photographer near me". This will provide quite a long list of maternity photographers in the Orlando Metro to choose from, so it can be tough knowing which is the best choice for you.  You can of course search for the maternity photographer nearest home, which may be the quickest way, but it likely would not be help you find the best maternity photographer near you.
When searching for the best place to have your maternity photoshoot, it's best to find a photographer that makes you feel at ease, takes your input and helps you decide on how to design your photoshoot, and creates a safe environment.
That is why we’ve listed our credentials, such as awards, experience, and trainings, on our About Us page, to help you with your decision.
In addition to the information on our site, you’ll want to look for 3rd-party reviews, like ones found on Google, or Facebook, as well as looking at social media like Instagram to get a feel for our work. This will give you a good feel for the office and whether or not it will be a good fit for you.

How to Find the Right Orlando Maternity Photoshoots Near me?

What makes us the premier maternity photography studio in Orlando is our dedication to our craft, and love for providing superior service to pregnant mothers. For our maternity photography sessions we create photos that celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. Our maternity photoshoots are relaxed, light and fun, because we know how challenging this time can be for expectant mothers. By helping our clients feel comfortable, our maternity photoshoots produce stunning portraits that draw the admiration of all who see them and provide memories for years to come.

Looking for the Best Orlando Maternity Photography Near me?

Maternity photography is truly a passion of ours, and we’ve been designing and creating luxury maternity photoshoots for years. We love maternity photoshoots because they capture soon to be mother's true beauty, the miracle of creating new life, and the remarkable beauty of pregnancy.

Why Do We Love Being Orlando Maternity Photographers?

Kristina is an experienced award-winning professional maternity photographer serving the Orlando Metropolitan area and central Florida. All maternity photography Orlando sessions are artistically designed and photographed by head photographer Kristina Fainstein with assistance from Katelyn Fainstein in our maternity photography studio. The elegant custom-designed maternity photo studio was created with maternity photo sessions and new parent's comfort in mind. All maternity sessions include the use of our hand-selected maternity props, gowns, and accessories.

Maternity Photography Orlando