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3 DAY INTENSE WORKSHOP - Maternity & Newborn

This mentoring program is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and realize that you can achieve a successful business through mastering the 3 major aspects of your business: The Photography Session, Marketing Your Brand, and Making A Profit. 

1. The Photography Session 

Studio Lighting & The Camera 
Kristina and Katelyn will cover how to use studio strobe lighting to create a natural look, as well as master backlighting. They will discuss the different camera settings, why they are used as well as explain and show the different effects of different lenses. Emphasis will be directing each student in practicing the correct angles, camera settings, focal lengths and white balance. 

Session Workflow 
During the spam of the three days Katelyn and Kristina will host multiple newborn and maternity models to give you hands on opportunity to practice and master skills, students are able to use the taken photographs for their portfolio. Students will spend several hours learning to create a workflow by practicing transitional posing, mastering wrapping, as well as designing sets that match your style. Kristina and Katelyn will use beanbags, bowls, buckets, and different props to show you how to achieve a complete gallery. Guidance will also be placed on maternity posing, working with gowns and fabric tossing, as well as using accessories to create different looks in-studio. During this time, Katelyn and Kristina will also talk about their client guide and how to prepare the clients for their session. 

Now that you have mastered the photo taking, Kristina will show you how to cull and edit the photographs using Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as an array of lsp actions. She will also show you the best tips and tricks on how to use Portraiture and Frequency Separation to correct the worst newborn skin or momma blemishes. 

2. Marketing Your Brand 

The main topics discussed will include building a website that attracts, creating a client community through social media, email marketing, advertisements, and partnerships. Katelyn and Kristina will also push you to create your own branding, what do you want to be known, how is your work different from others?  

3. Making A Profit 

Kristina and Katelyn have been working together for over 10 years, however, their passion for the art didn't get in the way of creating a business that generates a 6 figure income. A big part of the workshop is teaching you exactly how to create a system that is consistent in producing an income. They will discuss booking clients over the phone, how to set-up your pricing system, as well as how to conduct an IPS (In Person Sales).

The best part about Katelyn and Kristina's intense workshop is that is limited to a maximum of 4 students so that they can tailor to each student's specific needs, they love to watch their students grow as artists as well as in business and continue relationships beyond to encourage and support them through their journey. 

Breakfast and lunch is provided for all three days, as well as a celebratory dinner the last day to discuss progress and establish future goals. Students will also be receiving a goodie tote bag with an apron, mask, water bottle, nonslip socks, and discount codes to Kristina and Katelyn's favorite vendors. 

This workshop is intended for ALL levels from beginner level to experienced photographers who have the desire to improve their craft and take their business to the next level. Students must own or rent a DSLR camera, full frame is strongly suggested, and a lens such as the 85mm, macro lens 90mm or Katelyn's favorite 24-70mm. Students must be familiar with their cameras and know how to photograph in manual mode, adjust settings, and use a 9 point focus system before attending the workshop, as this is not a beginner level camera class. 

Cost for the 3 day workshop is $1500 per attendee. A $500 retainer is due to secure a spot and the remaining balance is due in full 4 weeks before workshop date. To book a workshop or for more information sign up with the link below and one of our team members will give you a call within 24 hours to discuss if our workshops are the best next step in your business. 

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