BOHO Cake Smash With Family

Cake smashes are our favorite session to do because they are so infectiously fun to photograph and just watch the baby play around and investigate the setups that we have. It’s interesting to see how different babies interact with the props and use them. We have had babies play telephone with them and so on. This cake smash was for a baby and family that loved to travel and they wanted a theme that fit that description so of course, we obliged and did our first “Around the World” themed cake smash session!

ParagraphWith the globes, trains, and compasses this baby went on a trip throughout our study and invited his family along with him. This session produced amazing images and we are so glad to have done it with him and his beautiful family. from the family images and boho theme colors, to him and his playful sister and creative nature, this session was spectacular and we loved the color scheme and theme.

Make sure not to miss out on your loved one’s moments and your own by capturing them in timeless photographs like these to have those treasured memories with you throughout your family’s journey!

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