Why is an In-Studio Newborn Session More Preferred? | Winter Park Newborn Photography

Many of our clients have to travel two to four hours to our studio with their Newborn baby and often we get asked if it’s better to do the session in the client’s home. While traveling with a 4 day old is not desirable in most cases, an in-studio session provides much more comfort for both the parents and baby. Visit https://www.steinartstudio.com/studio for a complete look inside our studio.

Everything is right at your fingertips! Our 1200 square feet studio is equipped with everything you would possibly need during a photography session; from a comfortable couch sitting area for parents to an easy access changing table, restrooms, snacks, drinks, and of course, THE PROPS. While we prepare all scenes in advance according to the parent’s taste, in the studio we don’t have to worry if we need to make last-minute changes, use more props, outfits, and more.

Controlled light environment for the sharpest photograph. It’s is no secret that here at steinartstudio we invest in the best equipment and the latest technology in the photography world; while we are able to bring the bare necessary with us anywhere, a session in studio is by far more equipped. Lightning it is one of the hardest and most complex concepts in the photography world and our photographers strive to capture the best details of your little one so you can never forget those beautiful aspects of a baby.

There are more options to choose from. While we can bring many of our props to in-home sessions, there are certain props, backdrops, and things that are nearly impossible to transport. Many of the masterpieces created by Kristina involve wood flooring, paper backdrops, amazing props like the moon, and the large chairs, that are very hard to transport.

A faster and more comfortable session. With in-home session we usually have to move sofas, furniture, and other obstacles to set up in the best spot in terms of lighting angles, and space. The set up process can take upwards to one hour depending on the situation, however, when you come in our studio everything is already set up and when you walk in we start shooting right away.

My studio was created for Newborns specifically. As a new parent, there are so many things that run through your mind when you take your newborn out and about to just about anywhere. My studio was designed with all of the concerns a newborn parent might have from a sanitary environment to safety, my studio is safe, clean, cheery, warm, peaceful, and bright- the perfect environment for you and your newborn to share your first photoshoot experience.

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