Cookie Monster Cake Smash

Sesame Street is a cult classic and one that basically every child and household has seen. And it’s a wonder why we have not more photography sessions based off the characters until recently. We have had requests pouring in to do Elmo and Cookie Monster themes, and we couldn’t be happier to do so!

The blues of the Cookie Monster theme and color scheme work so well with each other and we are able to find so many different props and backdrops and other accessories to perfectly match and compliment the style and theming that of all of our requests. Sky blue is my favorite color and it’s amazing to us all of the interesting outfits and things we have found to go along with the theme.

Then there’s the Sesame Street theme as a whole and it is one that we haven’t done for a while. We’ve saved so many of our props and items for this theme though as we know the popularity it holds. Being able to incorporate things like the baby’s name in a unique way really brings the theme together and makes it feel one-of-a-kind to the parents as they’re able to enjoy their loved ones in a picture with their name on it!

Being able to make lasting memories using theming from a show everyone knows and loves is special and we do not take it for granite. We are always happy to do a Sesame Street themed cake smash for your child and would be thrilled to do more of these as they have started to become one of our favorites in the catalog to do!

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