Elegant Beach Maternity Session

We recently had a session on New Smyrna Beach and loved it so much! Florida is such a pretty place and the climate although hot at times let’s us comfortably do sessions at the beach in the middle of winter. Our client and us were very cool and the beach allowed for amazing shots and scenes thanks to the nice sunset and dusk lighting that we always strive to take pictures during. We got beautiful pictures, and loved this beach as this was our first time doing a session here. We have since done multiple sessions here and this beach has become one of our favorites over night because of the seclusion and accessibility as well as of course our ability to get amazing images here.

Our most popular beach is Clearwater however New Smyrna has gained a lot of traction recently and has become one that we regularly recommend to our clients. If you’re looking to do a beach maternity session with us, we would love to go over all of the information with you and have a few pointers to tell you first also. The first is that your makeup is going to get a little beachy during the duration of the session and that’s totally fine! You’re probably going to get a little wet with the saltwater so prepare, and it’s cold too! And lastly, we do the session typically around dusk/sunset so we start at approximately 4-5pm and the session takes about 2-3 hours in total. Hope to see you soon for your session!

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