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Cake smash sessions have always been one of my favorite to do! I think it’s because I enjoy setting up the props so much, but also because I love getting repeat clients and seeing how their little one is growing! It’s always a pleasure to see the families again and knowing that we made a lasting impression on them with our work and what we do that they come back to do it all over again! Cake smashes symbolize something too: growing up! They may still only be one, but your child will have grown so much in that time and you will want to cherish that year of growth yourself, especially for first time parents! So I am going to talk about 5 of the most popular cake smashes we do in our studio, to maybe inspire you with your future session!

5. Sports

One of the themes that has risen in popularity lately, probably due to the comeback of professional sports, is sports! We have recently done a boxing themed cake smash, as well as a baseball themed one. I loved doing them and seeing the joy in every dad’s hearth when they pass along their passion to their kid. I love the preparation of gathering and finding props and outfits that fit their vision! Sports is such a wide range too, with so many to choose from, it has genres and themes in itself. I cannot wait to do one around a specific professional team or maybe even a particular athlete! Sports is rising in popularity and I am all for it!

4. Unicorn/Princess

Unicorn themes have always been mixed and combined with princess ones as well, so I am putting them both here! This has always been a popular theme we have done many of these, but the images from this one most recently have to be some of my favorite out of all the cake smashes we have done! Baby Satenik was so adorable and this theme fit so well with her and her personality! I loved this cake smash and enjoy doing these unicorn and princess themed ones whenever we get the chance!

3. Wild One

Wild One has always been among the most popular cake smashes we do at our studio. I like to think of it as one of the hallmark or classic themes that is always on our list of upcoming cake smash sessions. It is so fun to setup with all of the possibilities with a nature based theme like this, as well as the ability to incorporate the play on words into multiple scenes. This is by far our most popular outdoors related theme and it’s a blast for me finding cool new props to be able to try and include into the sets to make each one unique and memorable!

2. Disney/Disney Princess

It should come as no surprise that Disney themed cake smashes are extremely popular! Such iconic characters and so many to choose from that its endless possibilities contribute to its popularity. Whether it’s Mickey or Minnie or any of the Disney Princesses, they always turn out amazing! The props and outfits are not in short supply whatsoever, so you can be sure that each one is able to have its own uniqueness and flair added to it to keep them fresh and one-of-a-kind! I enjoy doing the princess and Disney sets because it feels nostalgic to when I was young and loved and cherished all of those characters just as much as your child will!

1. Boho

Bohemian, or Boho for short, themed cake smashes have skyrocketed in popularity recently! They are our most requested theme, and for good reason, they are amazing to design! I love the color pallet I get to choose from when designing a Boho themed cake smash! My favorite types of props can be used here too, I love the aesthetic that comes with the Boho theme itself. It is so appealing to look at how the colors mesh together and it’s no wonder it is so popular right now! This most recent shoot was another of my favorites and I cannot wait to do more Boho themed cake smashes in the future and look forward to this being a common theme to do and make unique with different props! I love Boho!

So that was the list of the 5 most popular cake smashes we do, I hope you were inspired by looking at some of our recent work regarding each theme! I had so much fun designing and making all of these set using the different themes, and I cannot wait to to more in the future to celebrate your baby’s first birthday!

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