Being An Award-Winning Maternity and Newborn Photographer

What it Means to Me

I am proud of my work. It’s something everyone should feel about themselves and I am glad that my mentality allows me to not just be critical of my work, but to also feel a sense of pride about it as well. I know that when I show clients their photographs, no matter how I feel about them myself, they love them! This motivates me to see what they see, to feel how they feel, and to appreciate their photographs; my work! So when winning awards for my photography, it’s not just about feeling recognized for my work and effort, it’s not just to feel rewarded or accomplished or validated for it either, but the most important thing to me about winning these awards is to share this appreciation with not only myself but the clients as well! Our studio is about helping mom’s and their new families capture that moment; that moment when their lives change, when they add something special to it. And to be able to share with them award-winning photography, to be able to tell them they have a photographer who will share that level of appreciation and passion that they do every step of they way is a blessing. Because their smiles, their joy, and their emotions when they see themselves captured in that moment, that is the true award I look forward to every time!

Our Awards

We are so delighted and happy to share with you our award-winning photography! We are proud to be the only Baby Photo Awards winner in the Winter Park area! Our submissions have won over 60 awards and some collections range through entire sessions. We’re also holders of many AFNS awards for our submissions back in April 2020! Our images were hand-picked by judges who also are the best newborn photographers in the business! We are to appreciative of their selections of our work and couldn’t be happier they chose us to represent our field of work! We cannot thank our clients enough for giving us the opportunity to photograph their journey and create lifelong memories for them and their loved ones!

Here is to more creations and more happy big and little faces!

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