Cake Batter Up – Baseball One Year Old

Cake smashes are some of our most creative sessions. We think it’s because of the cake! Thinking of a theme for your baby’s first birthday can be daunting, but designing it once you have your mind set is so much fun. The thrill of seeing your baby’s pictures and see them already growing up incredibly fast is a rewarding experience that we want to make sure you enjoy to its fullest. Our latest cake smash was definitely no exception to that! We take pride in our ability to design our sessions based around your theme of choice, and this couple’s theme was one we hadn’t done during a cake smash before! Ingrid and her husband were very sure on their theme from the start: baseball.

And we got right to work ordering props and shopping around for exactly what they were looking for in their initial design they sent to us. We were so thrilled to start the design process on a new theme and learn all about the sport and what props went well with it. The cola was our favorite part because we thought it not only fit the color scheme, but also added another popular element associated with baseball. Our cake was the finishing touches on a session we were so excited to start shooting! And it wasn’t long before we were able to get the setups and start their session off right with the family imaging.

We love to do our cake smashes with two setups before the cake. This gives us plenty of time to capture the baby while they’re clean and to produce gorgeous family photos as well. With those two setups for this session, we decided to do a light and dark background while keeping the theme colors present in both of them. It definitely turned out amazing and we are so glad to have gotten enough props to pull this off smoothly!

The next part is the favorite of our clients: the cake smash! This is when our custom-made cakes meet their little friends and they are able to do whatever they want with the cake. A common misconception people have with cake smashes is that the baby will eat a lot of the cake and be too energetic to finish the session. But in fact, a lot of the time the baby will mostly do exactly as the title suggests, smash the cake. This time around the baby sampled some of his cake, but for the most part as per usual, the baby played with their food! Most babies who come into our studio love the cake more as a toy then food, and this one treated the cake as a toy also. We had a ton of fun capturing the joyous moments the baby had while exploring the cake, it’s kind of our favorite part too!

Last but not least is the bubble bath scene! A lot of families are so excited for this part because they don’t expect that we do this. So it is a nice bonus to their session, and we think it adds another layer to the cake smash session. Babies have so much fin playing and watching the bubbles float past them and we can make sure to capture their enjoyment for all to see. This wraps up the cake smash session, and we love that it is the family’s favorite part because it is a fitting note to end on everyone being happy and enjoying themselves!

We had a ton of fun with this latest cake smash session and hope to do a ton more of them in the future! We would like to thank Ingrid and her husband for allowing us this opportunity to save this moment in their family’s lives forever!

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